ico A new Era open-close 01/10/13

S4 League has entered a new era. A dedicated website presents your favorite third person shooter in a glorious new light. Jump into the action and explore the new design of S4 League.

ico S4 League: Maintenance open-close 30/09/13

How the October could start even better? Tomorrow it'll be ready: in addition to the new Season 6 - Treasure Hunter we will start with some more new and amazing things!

ico S4 League: Captain Rush open-close 27/09/13

Unfortunately we have to postpone the Captain Rush tournament which has been planned for today. But postponed isn't abandoned - learn here when this tournament will take place.

ico AP Bonus!!! open-close 26/09/13

It's time for the German Oktoberfest and we're going to celebrate it together. Therefore, all alapalya games will grant you will a 20% AP Bonus!

ico S4 League Quiz Event on Facebook open-close 25/09/13

Are you real experts in all aspects of S4 League? Then why not turn your knowledge into AP by joining - and winning - our S4 League trivia game!