S4 Patch 22 has arrived!


While the Oktoberfest is not even over, the next big thing in S4League is already raring to go: Patch 22 comes with some neat new stuff for your wardrobe, a really fat new counter sword, an all new map for Battle Royal and three formidable events...

Here’s to all dedicated costume fans in S4: The new costumes Cytonik for girls and Phoenix for boys are fashionable AND functional as they look good and come with up to premium stats, depending on the shop. Both costumes consist of a suit, pants, gloves, shoes and hairstyle. They’re available from Thursday, 30th of September.

Besides the new costumes, there are the four new costume SETs you can see below: The DJ SET and Keeper SET for boys and the Lock Away SET and a new Hockey SET for girls. All SETS contain jackets, pants, gloves, shoes and a hairstyle. The new costume SETs come with a First Time AP Event where all users spending AP in S4League for the first time to purchase one of the new sets will receive it twice. This works during the whole event period, so if you decide to purchase another of the new sets, you’ll get this one twice, too.

With Patch 22 a new episode of Battle Royal is beginning: After the successful release of the new game mode and its first map, Galleon, it’s time for a new flavour. It’s called Neoniac and it comes with plenty of corners and angles to ambush your opponents plus enough floors and staircases for straight attacks. Neoniac comes with the new S4 soundtrack Access. To introduce the new map we have arranged two events: First, you’ll receive double EXP and PEN for all matches played in Battle Royal during the whole event period. Second, you’ll receive a Fumbi Capsule 800 for each day you entered Neoniac

Patch 22 also features a new weapon which is only available at the Coupon Shop: The Crow Counter Sword. And with the release of this weapon, there is an event taking place between September 30th and October 6th where both the new Crow Counter Sword and the Taser Sword are available for 200 coupons only instead of 250 coupons. That’s a great opportunity to easily get your hands on the new Crow Counter Sword or the Taser Sword. Please keep in mind that it takes up to 24 hours until your bonus stuff arrives.

Have fun!
Your alaplaya Team