Patch 23 arrived!


After the Birthday/Battlemaid/Halloween events last month we needed a little break to prepare patch 23 – but here it finally comes and this is what you’ll get:

New Sets


The new Beasty Boy and Cheerleader Sets will give you a unique look on the fighting ground. And in addition to that we also packed some new sets with existing costume items:

  • Activity Set
  • Champ set
  • Floral Set
  • Sportiamer Set

Go check them out!

New G’s Capsules: Senty Nell


Here comes what everyone’s waited for – Fumbi wants to accompany you in all the hot fights against enemy teams. He decided to join your team as a Senty Nell and comes along with Force Pack stats (Attack +7 / Movement speed +3% / Senty Nell HP +10% / Magazine +1) - you don’t want to go without him anymore, once you’ve got a taste of his stunning power.

For all of you who don’t want Fumbi to backup (which is hard to imagine), we have prepared the Senty Nell Green, which comes with Force Pack stats as well.



Besides the new content we also prepared some events you don’t want to miss:

1. Doubled Senty Nell G’s Capsules!

For every Senty Nell G’s Capsule (Fumbi or Green) you’ll buy during the event period, you will get one of the same Capsule for free!


2. Free PEN/Coupon Capsules for first-time AP spenders!

Everyone who decides to spend AP in the game for the first time (by just buying anything), will receive 15 Fumbi Capsules 800 (each gives the chance to win up to 1.000.000 PEN!) and 15 Coupon Capsules (each gives the chance to win up to 100 Coupons and up to 100.000 PEN!). Go get these capsules and start your shopping spree at the Fumbi Shop/I’s Capsules/Coupon Shop afterwards!


3. I’s Capsule discount!

All I’s Capsules will be sold at a reduced price of 6900 PEN during the event period. So this is your chance to get one of these unique weapons for PEN: Cannonade Black / Dragonade / Revolver Gold / Puppy Revolver.


All these events start on Thursday, the 4th of November and will end on Wednesday, the 10th of November. Please keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours until the event items will be delivered into your inventory.


Enjoy the new contents&events and have fun with S4 League!

Your alaplaya team