S4League: New Patch!


The end of Dark Lightning is near...

As you have already surely determined, a new era of S4 is upon us: S4League Iron Eyes - the sign that the era of Dark Lightning is coming to an end. However, we have all kinds of news for you: Today's patch will bring a new map to you, as well as new G's Capsules (including the brand new G's Gate Breaker), a new pet, and much more! In fact, S4 is getting a brand new interface! Here we go:

New Weapon: The G’s Gate Breaker Capsule
Just like the original, the new Gate Breaker Breaker comes with mighty power and wide area damage - all fitting with the design of Dark Lightning, and brutal stats (Attack +7, Movement +3, and HP/SP +5), coming in it's own G's Capsule featuring the weapon as either a temporary or a permanent item, additional coupons, and up to 100,000 PEN or a coin reward. You can see the Gate Breaker in the picture above.

New Map: Square
What may first appear to be a type of clubhouse for a summer camp is actually a factory site, full of pitfalls and tactical possibilites. The strategic possibility here knows no bounds, but the main draw is the sheer space available: For the first time ever, a map needs sixteen players just to fill it: Square allows for 8 v 8 matches in Team Deathmatch... Let's go!

New Pet: G’s Starfish
The Space Rabbit finally has a friend: the rather odd G's Starfish! This peculiar starfish comes with the same stats as the Space Rabbit, but comes in a G's Capsule allowing for more PEN, skills and items.

New I’s Capsules
The following capsules are now available as I's Capsules:

I’s Classic Burst Shotgun Capsule
I’s Rail Gun White Capsule
I’s AYA! Rifle Capsule
I’s DHA-41 Capsule

Now every capsule available in Korea is also available to us.

New Interface

The good old S4 gets a brand new look - the S4 interface is getting an update along with the new patch, complete with a whole new look and a sleek, up-to-date finish. Here's a few of the changes: 

- New items for new accounts: a costume set for 7 days, Homing Rifle +1, Spy Dagger +1 and Earth Bomber +1 for 7 days, and the Homing Rifle/Spy Dagger permanent with halved stats... Additionally, you'll also start with the set displayed on the right.

- Completely new Tutorial.

- Optimized lobby with shorter load times.

- Ping display in the server lobby.

- Pets now have their own display slot and will no longer block the accessory slot.

Notice: The preparation of the Fumbi Shop will take a bit longer, and will not be opened for another 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, we have some nice events to help you build up PEN until then (more news about that later)!

Have fun,
Your alaplaya Team

Here are a few pictures of the new interface: