S4 League - Season 3: Blade


Season 3

- Blade -

Last year we asked you to send in designs for S4 League’s new season. As diverse as the entries were – ranging from fantasy to sci-fi settings, from colorful to dark and grim styles – one specific suggestion was found in every other contribution: more swordfighting! So we give you: Season 3: Blade!

But don’t you sharp shooters out there worry! S4 League is still a Third Person Shooter. So of course there’s plenty of new stuff for you, too! Such as a fancy upgrading system for you to strengthen your equipment. And of course we’ll keep introducing new content such as costumes with our bi-weekly updates!

You probably also noticed this from the trailer we published before: We took a step “back to the roots” in regards to art style and setting. Dark Lightning and Iron Eyes leave the stage to make room for bright colors and flashy effects that so many of you loved in the original S4 League.

So let’s take a look at all the stuff we’re kicking this new chapter of S4 League off with.

New Weapons

New Map

As the name suggest Season 3: Blade offers fancy new melee weapons. Two new swords have made it into the arsenal of the S4 League: The Katana and Sigma Blade.

Not only do they look insanely cool, they also come with new, unique attacks.

Using the right mouse-button you can...

... unleash a fast slash

Sigma Blade ... use your SP to temporarily enrage yourself and deal out even more damage

Logged in on 25 different days during the past four weeks? Then you're eligible for a 30-day trial version of an exclusive Version of the Katana! Make sure to try it on the new Map...

... called Azit, an open arena that's perfect for fast-paced sword fights. Jump Pads for up to eight players (the current maximum for this map) will give everyone a save start. But once you hop onto the main area there’s no escape. This calls for some wild swordplay!

But if you want to, you can of course change the standard weapon limitation from "Sword Match" to "Gun only" or "Unlimited" and go guns blazing!


Season 3


March 26th - April 3rd

As awesome as the new weapons are - let's not forget about our line-up of existing swords! From monday on and for a limited time we are offering a 7/15/30 Sale on the following melee weapons:

  • Crash Storm Bat
  • Taser Sword
  • Crow Counter Sword
  • Guillotine Counter SwordGate Breaker
  • Darkness Twin Blade
  • Bloody Spy Dagger


Buy a stack of and as a free bonus on top you will receive
7 G's Capsules

3 G's Capsules

15 G's Capsules

8 G's Capsules

30 G's Capsules

18 G's Capsules

of one of the above listed weapons of the respective weapon

The free bonus capsules will be delivered to your account within 48 hours after buying 7/15/30 stacks.

Season 3

Enchant System

No matter whether you’re all into swordplay – or prefer the good old shooting weapons: with the new Upgrading System you can power up your arsenal to all new levels!

The new feature lets you place eSper Chips more easily – but also offers new ways to enchant your gear.

The new Upgrading System is two-folded. Clicking on the Enchant button in the top menu brings up two options:

The yellow option lets you place eSper Chips into your items – a system most S4 veterans surely recognize. eSper Chips add all sorts of bonuses to your equipment, such as EXP-bonus for shoes or bigger magazines for your guns. But beware: only one eSper Chip can be put into a piece of equipment at a time. Can you get the best possible combination? The blue option brings up the new Enchant System. Using your equipment (simply have it equipped during battles) will fill up the "Mastery Gauge". Once this gauge is full you can upgrade the respective items to the next rank and receive bonus stats. You can upgrade each item up to rank 20 – giving it up to 20 bonus stats! These can be different from each other – or even stack up!

Want to know more about this? Then click here to check out the detailed guide!

eSper Chip

March 26th - April 3rd

With the new Upgrading System, we are also changing the availability of eSper Chips. For now they will be available exclusively through events. But since we really want you to try out the new upgrading functions, we will make it easy this time around and are giving out free eSper Chips simply for logging into the game!

Here's how it works:

Logins You'll receive the following eSper Chips
eSper Chip effects
Your first login
during the event duration
eSper Chip "Mental"
Magazine +1
eSper Chip "Snipe"
Magazine +1
eSper Chip "Stationary"
Stationary Weapon Distance +10%
Log in on
4 different days
(according to alaplaya time)
during the event duration
eSper Chip "Heavy Guns"
Magazine +1
eSper Chip "Guns"
Magazine +1
eSper Chip "Rifle"
Magazine +1
Log in on
8 different days
(according to alaplaya time)
during the event duration
eSper Chip "Shoes"
EXP +5%
eSper Chip "Gloves"
HP +1
eSper Chip "Shirt" Stationary Weapon Install +25%

The Login phase begins on monday, March 26th. It will take up to 48 hours for the eSper Chips to be delivered to your account after meeting the login quota.

EXP Table

Here’s a change of pace that will make your S4 League experience much more satisfying: the experience points needed to level up your rank have been adjusted. Which also means that when you log in for the first time after this update, you might see that your rank is higher than what you remember it to be.

Also, from now on there's even more PEN rewards for all levels!

Click here to take a look at the new EXP table to see what your rank changed to.


New Channel

With the new experience point table we also reworked the structure of our channels. When logging in, you will find the following new channel structure:

Channel Level
Beginner 1
Beginner 2 0-20
Pro 1
Pro 2 26-48
40 and up
Free 1
8 and up
Clan Clan

As you can see we cleaned up a bit. Free Channels are now all compiled into one big one. Additionally, we introduce a new "Freevent" - basically a Free Channel, but with a really low level limitation – this is also where the Event team will hold their events in the future. But even when there's no active event, this channel is open 24/7. It’s the best of both worlds! A free channels, but without the n00bs. Gotta love it! ;)

On a more serious note, we strongly advise players to not only play on the respective servers for their home area, but also to join channels respective to their level! Keep it fair and play with those who rival your own skills!

Main Menu

S4 League has always been a game with strong emphasis on individualization: Pick your style, pick your weapons and create your very own S4 Leaguer. With manual customization options for the main menu we take this sense for individualization beyond the arenas and put the menu bar at the top of the screen in your hands. It may seem like a small bonus, but hopefully it will help you to navigate S4 League even more intuitively.

Click this button found in the upper right corner of the screen to re-arrange the main menu – and get quicker access to the menus you use the most.

If you hang around the shop the most, put this as the first icon. Or maybe you want quick access to your inventory? Checking your Card Collection and messages a lot? Then set these as your preferred menus. Simply select one or even multiple menu button and then use the arrow buttons to re-arrange. It's as easy as that!


March 26th - April 3rd

A few weeks we introduced a new pet to celebrate the Asian Year of the Black Dragon. This cute critter received a lot of praise, so for a limited time only we give out the little guy to all First Time AP Spenders (FTAPS).

  • No matter what item - simply spend AP for the first time ...
  • ... and receive 10 Black Dragon Pet Capsules for free on top!

It will take up to 48 hours after your very first AP-purchase until this scaled rascal arrives in your inventory.


Well, that’s a lot, so we'll leave it at that for now. But no worries – this is just the beginning! Season 3 will see even more new content, such as costumes, maps and skills. Check back on April 4th when we continue the Season 3 frenzy with the first of our bi-weekly Season 3-updates!

Until then – enchant your armory, show us your swordplay and enjoy Season 3: Blade!