S4: Blade - First Content Update


This post contains information about the new content and events from today's update. For information about compensations, please click here.

Boxing Girls & Rugby Boys

Remember those cool new costumes you could see in the Season 3 Trailer? With this Update we are introducing the first two - putting even more emphasis on the sportive aspects of the Stylish eSper Shooting Sports.

As always, you can buy single parts from the costume sets - or you can try your luck for a permanent ForcePack Edition with a unique design obtained from G's Capsules.


New Pet:

Chiki Lion

Less sportive, but all the more cute: our new pet Chiki Lion will proove to be a trusty and helpful companion.

Chiki Lion is available through G's Capsules in various versions:

The unique design comes with SmartPack Stats, SP+6, Speed +1%, Weapon Defense +3%, EXP +20%.

The regular design can be acquired with SP+6 for one day or permanently with no stats.

As always, Pet Capsules contain the chance to receive various other items, amongst them permanent skills!


Easter Coin Toss

April 4th - April 24th

Remember last year's christmas event? The Coin Toss was so successful that we spiced up the recipe to give it a bit of a twist for this year's Easter Season.

Up until April 24th you will find various Easter Eggs, dropping randomly down from the sky in every game mode except for Arcade and Practice.

Sometimes one of those eggs will contain an Easter Egg accessory. Collect those eggs to find out about the powers hidden within this mysterious item! But even if you don't receive the accessory, keep on collecting! For five eggs and you can participate in a little coin toss (you will find access to this Minigame under the "Event"-Button in the room selection menu). Is it heads or tails - chicken or egg? Got lucky? Then you'll be rewarded with various prizes. Depending on how many coin tosses you get right in a row these prizes get more valuable, too. For exampe you will have the chance to get your hands on unreleased Season 3 Costume Capsules!

Coin Toss Reward Table
1st Coin Toss succesful

100 PEN

2nd Coin Toss succesul

10 Coins

3rd Coin Toss succesful

2x MP+50%,

4th Coin Toss succesful

Marshmallow Puppy [Blue + Pink], 7 days

5th Coin Toss succesful
5x Beasty Boy Costume Set Capsule,
5x Cheerleader Costume
Set Capsule

Guessing wrong on a toin coss will reset you to the beginning of this row of prizes. But all items won up to that point will of course remain in your inventory!

By the way - why not give the Easter Egg hunt a try in the popular Touchdown mode? For this Easter Season, we give Fumbi some time to relax - and temporarily replace him with a big egg to bring the Easter holidays into the Netsphere!


Surprise Buff

April 4th - April 24th

Sooner or later someone will frag you. In order to get back into the game much quicker, a lot of players spend a few Coins to use the "Respawn Buff". But with the Easter Season being the right time for unexpected surprises, you may find that using this Buff has some other side-effects.

Using the "Respawn Buff" will not only respawn you right away - but also give you another random bonus buff!

So go get buffed and enjoy the Easter holidays in S4 League!