S4 League: Season 4 - ALICE


S4 League's new Season 4 - ALICE has arrived! Check out the great new content that ALICE is bringing to the Netsphere!

Mission Arcade Mode

If you've started S4 League today you will probably have seen the most notable change already. Upon entering a Channel, you can create a regular PvP-Matchroom or an Arcade Room:

Clicking on Arcade Room, you will be prompted to select which Arcade Mode to play:

The one simply marked as Arcade Mode is the good old story we all know and love but with updated NPCs and rewards. So make sure to play through the storyline of S4 League again!

But more importantly, you will find the new Mission Arcade Mode here as well, which is divded into two parts:

Under the "Learn" tab you will find various challenges, reminiscent of the weapon licenses that you old-timers might remember.

The Challenges are exciting battles for highscores in an all new arena against all new AI enemies. Be the fastest in beating 80 enemies - or beat as many enemies as you can in X seconds - and compare your highscores with those of your friends!

Clan System

You'd rather play in organized teams but always were tired of the annoying loading times of the Clan System? Well, so were we - which is why we changed the structure of the Clan System. Just click the Clan Button in the upper menu and give it a go. Represent your clan in style!

"Highscore" Promotion

September 18th - September 25th

That's a whole lot of new stuff for all players of S4 League. But here's something that might just give you an edge in beating the new Arcade Mode and setting the highest scores in Challenges. Spending 20k AP within the event duration will reward you with an Email, containing a unique code. Follow the description in this Email to redeem one out of four packages that fit your style of gameplay:

Package Weapon 1 Weapon 2 Pet/Skill Costume
Tank Sigma Blade Heavy Submachine Gun Black Dragon Guardian (m) or Warrior (f)
Acrobat Crow Counter Sword Assault Rifle HP+30 Imperial Guard(m) or Royal Guard (f)
Sniper Signal Rail Gun Gauss Rifle Baseball Rabbit Midfield (m) or Midslim (f)
Healer Shark Submachine Gun DJ Rescue Gun HP+30 Gentle Heart (m) or Rocaille (f)

Weapons, Costumes and Pets come with Forcepack stats and are valid for 7 days. Skills are valid for 5 Hours.

This promotion is repeatable, so you can redeem one package for each 20k AP spent.
Upon spending 20k AP several times, you will not receive another Email. Simply use the Code in the existing mail again.
Items will be delivered to your inventory within 48 hours of claiming them via the redeem code.

Season 4 Costumes

Or course Season 4: ALICE will also feature a whole lot of new costumes and weapons. The first set of clothing comes in the form of futuristic Cybersuits called Advanced Boy and Advanced Girl. These nifty clothes can be found in the shop. As always, you can get time based versions, the rare, permanent Forcepack-Edition, as well as several other items such as PEN or Coupons!

A/L/I/C/E Event

August 29th - September 17th

And last, but certainly not least: If you have participated in last update's A/L/I/C/E Event, then you will find this little fella to the right in your inventory today!

We're happy to reveal that the King Pet will be handed out permanently to the lucky card collectors!

Now show us your S4 and set up some highscores!