S4L - Joker Assassins attack!


Joker Assassins

Give the all new Joker Assassins sets a hell of a welcome! We have prepared a special event which involves these cool sets. Fight for your character style and show your support for one of the groups, who fight against the Joker Assassins!

April 18th - May 6th

The Great Battle

All players can redeem one of these sets within the given time for once and for one day only:

Warrior / Guardian (1 day)
Kimono / Shinsengumi (1 day)
Pirate Heart / Pirate Ace (1 day)
Code: S4_1day_Assassins_Promotion

We will count the delivered item numbers and let you know who can gather the most fighters against the Joker Assassins! Vote bei chosing and redeeming one of these for sets! Or do you want to be a Joker Assassin? You can show your support for the joker assassins by taking one of the sets or capsules in the shop. We will also count these and compare them to the picked fighter sets above. Watch out on our Facebook page for updates about who is leading the fight in terms of numbers:


April 15th - May 6th

We got a special reward for First Time AP Spenders (FTAPS). If you spend alaplaya Points for the first time these amounts of AP, you will get the following bonus items:

1 – 2999 AP = 3 G’s Capsules Pisces Pet
3000 – 7999 AP = 7 G’s Capsules Pisces Pet
8000 – X AP =7 G’s Capsules Pisces Pet and 7 G’s Capsules Neospade Submachine Gun

Great Battle
Sales Event

April 18th - May 6th

Sales Event

Do you want to get one of the named sets permanent in their Forcepack editions? Per 60.000 AP spent you may choose one of them as a free bonus. This is repeatable, so you can get more than just one set!

Warrior / Guardian (permanent)
Kimono / Shinsengumi (permanent)
Pirate Heart / Pirate Ace (permanent)

The shown costume set colours are from the normal set versions, the Forcepack editions have different colours.

Celebrating The Sunshine Sale

April 15th - Mai 6th

This is quite easy: Spend 5.000 AP and get one of these items per chance! So each time you spend 5.000 AP, you will randomly be awarded with one of these items. So, this event is repeatable!

Sexy Diamond Top (7 days, Attack 12%)
Sexy Diamond Summersuit Pants (7Days, Defense +14%)
Sexy Diamond Bracelet (7 days, HP+8)
Sexy Diamond Sandals (7 days, HP+8)
Straw Hat (7 days, Sp+40) as special item!
Vacation Jacket (7 days. Attack+12%)
Vacation Trunk (7 days, Defense +14%)
Colorful Bracelet (7 days, HP+8)
Gladiator Sandle
Piranha Assault Rifle (Attack +10%)
Shark Submachine Gun (Attack +10%)

Monthly Login

April 1st - April 30th

Still ongoing: Logging into the game on different days (it is not necessary to login on consecutive days!) will grant you different bonus items:
3 Days = 50 Coins
7 Days = 2x 3-Stack G’s Capsules Space Rabbit Pet
15 Days = 2x 3-Stack G’s Capsules Clock Rabbit Boy costume OR 2x 3-Stack G’s Capsules Smart Alice costume (depending on the gender of your character)
30 Days = 100.000 PEN

The rewards will be distributed within 48 hour after you have fullfilled the requirements. And the best news is: This is a permanent event with changing rewards for each new month!

Community Feature:
Veteran Program

April 18th - May 6th

With the update in January, we introduced more Level Up Rewards. Apart from motivating our newer players, we still love our veterans and like to give them rewards too! We promised to hold the S4 Veteran's Incentive Program [VIP] on a regular basis. Well, here it is again!

These are the rewards this time - tell us how you like them!

Level 80 Players only!
Collect XP to receive Reward Capsules!
30.000 XP
Level Reward Capsule #20 G's Puppy Revolver Capsule x3, Counter Sword (3 days, Atk 10%), Smash Rifle (3 days, Atk 8%), PEN+10 (1 day)
60.000 XP
Level Reward Capsule #32 Burst Shot Gun (7 days, Atk 10%)
Level Reward Capsule #46 Kill/Death Reset, Change Nickname (3 days)
100.000 XP Level Reward Capsule #40 G's Papicat Capsule x7, Sword Master Set (30 days), PEN+20 (1 day), EXP+10 (1 day)
Level Reward Capsule #75 Lilith Virus (30 days), PEN+80 (1 day), Change Nickname (permanent)

Your Reward Capsules will be sent out after May 6th, once this Event has ended.

Zodiac Sign Pet:

The third zodiac sign is here! You have the chance to get the Aries Pet permanently from its G's Capsule. Including SmartPack Stats that grant you a bonus of SP+6, Speed +1%, Weapon Defense +3%, EXP +20%. There's also the chance to get the pet with SP+6 for one day or permanently with no stats, as well various other items, amongst them permanent skills!

New Collection Card Reward

We got a new reward for collecting all cards. The Toy Block will be exchanged with the King Pet Capsule, this pet is permanent! We hope you like this cool new reward!

The Kings Pet bonuses are:
Defense +3%
Movement Speed +1%
EXP +20%
SP +6

G's Spydagger Unique Capsule

This time, we also have a new unique weapon design for you. Watch out for the Spydagger in a very cool Alice purple colour!

We hope you enjoy the new stuff and events for S4 League - make sure to leave us your feedback!

Your S4-Team